Hydrophonia Barcelona 2010
29-30 October 2010
Espai Cultural Caja Madrid

Plaza de Catalunya 9
Barcelona, Spain, 08002

concerts / artistes / artistas: 2,5 € / day
lectures / ponents / ponentes: free entrance
workshops / tallers / talleres: free entrance, space is limited, contact info (at) hydrophonia (dot) com
see PROGRAM below for times



Tomoko SauvageTomoko Sauvage – Plays singing water bowls using hydrophones in place of microphones to tranduce the sound. Based in Paris, France.



Kim CasconeKim Cascone – Electro-acoustic composer based in San Francisco, California. Director of Hydrophonia.


Lee PattersonLee Patterson – Sound artist who records secret languages of underwater insects and plants. Based in Prestwich, UK.


Enrico ConiglioEnrico Coniglio – Doing hydrophone recordings of the construction taking place on the Venice canal system. Based in Venice, Italy.



Emiliano ZeledaEmiliano Zeleda – Currently conducting research into the effect of anthropogenic noise on marine life. Composes electro-acoustic pieces using these sounds as source material. Based in Barcelona, Spain.

Mike RookeMike Rooke – Conducts research of audio transducers of all types. Makes high quality research grade hydrophones. Based in Helsinki, Finland.


Lars KindermannLars Kindermann –Project manager for PALAOA: PerenniAL Acoustic Observatory in the Antarctic Ocean, which streams the underwater soundscape of the shelf ice edge in Antarctica.


Gianni PavanGianni Pavan –Professor of “Terrestrial and Marine Bioacoustics” at the University of Pavia, Italy.


Juan MatosJuan Matos Capote – Spanish sound and visual artist from the Canary Islands based in Barcelona, Spain, who plays his own scratch built and modified electronic devices.




29 october / octubre / octubre

workshops / tallers / talleres
10:00 | Gianni Pavan | Hydrophone recording, analysis and display
13:00 | Tomoko Sauvage | Water bowls and hydrophones

lectures / ponents / ponentes
16:00 | Juan Matos Capote | Fabrication of domestic hydrophones:
Natural urban subaquatic sounds
17:00 | Lars Kindermann | The Soundscape of the Antarctic Ocean

concerts / artistes / artistas
20:00 | Kim Cascone | tape music diffusion
20:30 | Enrico Coniglio | diffusion­—Venice Canal Noise
21:00 | Tomoko Sauvage | diffusion—Water Bowls: Making of a Rainbow


30 october / octubre / octubre

workshops / tallers / talleres
10:00 | Mike Rooke | Hydrophone construction

lectures / ponents / ponentes
16:00 | Emiliano Zeleda | The Un-Heard Story of A Whale Society
17:00 | Gianni Pavan | The Impact of Noise on Marine Animal:
From Acoustic Comfort to Death

performances / artistes / artistas
20:00 | Kim Cascone | Diffusion of PALOAO soundscapes
20:30 | Kim Cascone | Hydrophone study
21:00 | Lee Patterson | Songs from an aquatic province



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Genoa, Italy, October 2009
Aquario di Genova

> Listen to a recording from the event (Kim Cascone)

Barcelona, Spain, April 2010
La Farinera del Clot
> Listen to a recording from the event (Emiliano Zeleda)


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